Hot Classes

Temp: 38 Degrees

The Roots

New to Yoga, want to land in foundational shapes? This is a great offering for just that!  A foundational, consistent and grounding yoga sequence. Expect a “Hatha” style class that … Continued

Mobility Stretch

Mobility Stretch is steady, closer to the ground, heated practice designed to strengthen and add range of motion for stability and mobility. A class that applies the latest research as … Continued

Community Roots

A YogaLab Roots class taught by a recent graduate from a yoga teacher training program or a teacher looking to build community by teaching a reduced price class. All classes … Continued

Warm Classes

Temp: 32-34 Degrees

Intermediate Flow

Geared toward the intermediate practitioner to immerse yourself in mindful movement and alignment based Vinyasa. This is a well-rounded master-class experience sure to deepen your practice and lead you to … Continued

Roots + Restore

This is an excellent class for beginners and those looking to follow a steady pace. In this blended class you will practice Yin and Restorative postures and build into stability … Continued

Free Flow

A powerful, unique and accessible class with music. For those who love to go with the flow and be surprised and challenged by variety. These ‘Vinyasa’ style classes are intelligently, … Continued

Flow (level 1)

A mindful, steady class where the poses flow together in an introduction to “Vinyasa” style class. This Offering is a full body/spectrum and introduces flow in a mindful, gentle and … Continued

Flow + Restore

First you flow through an active system of postures specifically sequenced to strengthen, align and detoxify. Then you restore with a yin practice of longer holds and passive postures, This … Continued

Gentle Heat Classes

Temp: 28-30 Degrees

Still+ Meditation

This class offers passive postures that are explored for up to 5 minutes allowing the body to open slowly and the mind to calm, with an additional element of meditation … Continued

Still + Sound

This Still + Sound practice focuses on anchoring awareness in breath and body, with the added element of tonal instruments; all amplifying the ability to cultivate tenderness toward ourselves. Passive … Continued


This class is a blend of yoga, pilates, and mindful fitness. This class follows the rhythm of a flow yoga class while incorporating sections of strengthening through dynamic movement. Create … Continued


A low impact, mat pilates class designed to strengthen, tone, and increase functional flexibility. We use a variety of light weights, bands, yoga blocks, Pilates balls, and your own body … Continued

Non-heated Classes

Temp: 20-28 Degrees (residual warmth)

Non Heated Classes

Any class on our schedule listed with the (non-heated) brackets is a reduced temperature of 20-28 degrees. These classes are sprinkled into the schedule for those looking to move with … Continued

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