Welcome to the Westshore studio, home to strong sequences, passionate instructors/clinic practitioners and results that bring meaningful support to all of your wellness goals.

Westshore Location

Centrally located in Westshore our studio is accessible to a greater Langford communities. You can’t miss us, we’re on upper deck of the green ‘Splashes’ building. Across from unlimited parking at Walmart. Join us for warm Group Movement Classes, Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Reiki, Facials, and a great Retail Boutique.

311 895 Langford Parkway

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Studio Hours


6am-6:30pm (Classes) | 9am-5pm (reception)


6:00am-8pm (Classes) | 9am-5pm (reception)


6:00am-7pm (Classes) | 9am-5:00pm (reception)


6:00am-8pm (Classes) | 9am-5pm (reception)


6:00am-6:30pm (Classes) | 9am-3pm (reception)


8:00am-12:00pm (Classes) | 9am-1:30pm (reception)


8:00am-7:00pm (Classes) | 9am-12:00pm (reception)

Parking at LAB Westshore

Parking is Free and Available in Various Places;

  • We have 6 designated stalls in our upper lot, if you come early you can snag rock star parking.
  • Before 8am & after 4pm you can park in Splashes contractor parking below & walk up the path. You’ll even see our logo on their signs. (about 1 min)
  • Before 8am and after 5pm you can park in splashes stalls in the upper lot.
  • Walmart is free and unlimited! Please do not cross at the peak of the hill. Instead park by the Walmart sign where it is safer to cross with two lanes & a landing pad, then walk the sidewalk path. (about 2 min).
  • There are lights & cross walks at the base of the hill. (about 5 min)
  • Option to park at Cineplex or Brick behind us, & walk alongside the businesses paths to our front door. (about 3-5 min)

Safety & Etiquette

Your health and safety is our highest priority. Our studios are in consistent contact with Vancouver Island Health Authority to ensure that we are exceeding requirement mandated to ensure the safety of all of our students.

Join Our Team

We are recruiting Pilates and Fitness instructors, as well as an Acupuncturist or RMT.
Please visit our application by clicking below.

Hot Classes

Temp: 38 Degrees

The Roots

New to Yoga, want to land in foundational shapes? This is a great offering for just that!  A foundational, consistent and grounding yoga sequence. Expect a “Hatha” style class that … Continued

Mobility Stretch

Mobility Stretch is steady, closer to the ground, heated practice designed to strengthen and add range of motion for stability and mobility. A class that applies the latest research as … Continued

Community Roots

A YogaLab Roots class taught by a recent graduate from a yoga teacher training program or a teacher looking to build community by teaching a reduced price class. All classes … Continued

Warm Classes

Temp: 32-34 Degrees

Intermediate Flow

Geared toward the intermediate practitioner to immerse yourself in mindful movement and alignment based Vinyasa. This is a well-rounded master-class experience sure to deepen your practice and lead you to … Continued

Roots + Restore

This is an excellent class for beginners and those looking to follow a steady pace. In this blended class you will practice Yin and Restorative postures and build into stability … Continued

Free Flow

A powerful, unique and accessible class with music. For those who love to go with the flow and be surprised and challenged by variety. These ‘Vinyasa’ style classes are intelligently, … Continued

Flow (level 1)

A mindful, steady class where the poses flow together in an introduction to “Vinyasa” style class. This Offering is a full body/spectrum and introduces flow in a mindful, gentle and … Continued

Flow + Restore

First you flow through an active system of postures specifically sequenced to strengthen, align and detoxify. Then you restore with a yin practice of longer holds and passive postures, This … Continued

Gentle Heat Classes

Temp: 28-30 Degrees

Still+ Meditation

This class offers passive postures that are explored for up to 5 minutes allowing the body to open slowly and the mind to calm, with an additional element of meditation … Continued

Still + Sound

This Still + Sound practice focuses on anchoring awareness in breath and body, with the added element of tonal instruments; all amplifying the ability to cultivate tenderness toward ourselves. Passive … Continued


This class is a blend of yoga, pilates, and mindful fitness. This class follows the rhythm of a flow yoga class while incorporating sections of strengthening through dynamic movement. Create … Continued


A low impact, mat pilates class designed to strengthen, tone, and increase functional flexibility. We use a variety of light weights, bands, yoga blocks, Pilates balls, and your own body … Continued

Non-heated Classes

Temp: 26-28

Non Heated Classes

Any class on our schedule listed with the (non-heated) brackets is a reduced temperature of 20-28 degrees. These classes are sprinkled into the schedule for those looking to move with … Continued



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